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    Diana Jameson Hi James! It’s Diana, I just wanted to let you know that we have to reschedule...
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    Jake Parker Great, I’ll see you tomorrow!.
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    Elaine Dreyfuss We’ll have to check that at the office and see if the client is on board with...
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    You, Faye, Ed & Jet +3 Ed: Yeah! Seems fine by me!
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Our minds, bodies and souls unite for the deepest expression of spiritual love. Intertwined ecstasy elevates us to euphoric realms of mutual passion. Sex is a discovery of wholeness in self and within passionate union. Explore the Kama Sutra and delight in Kundalini and Tantric sex. Let’s build sexual energy to the threshold of ultimate release.

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Mingle with members whose sexual interests are primarily romance-based. Discover delight in the physical union of love and pure sensuality. The seductive look of silk and lace creates the perfect mood to indulge in desire, playful pleasure and intimate moments.

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Experiment? Yes, there are limits, but nobody will know if we tiptoe across the borders of the bedroom. Oh, doctor, I think I have a fever … says your naughty nurse. I need an emergency check up. Dress me up in leather and lace while we enter a light fantasy realm where you tie my hands and pull my hair to pleaze me … and spank you!

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Lust for the forbidden revs sexual desire. Tell me your safe word before we break down your barriers. The duality of domination and submission spurs passion into overdrive. Open vulnerability allows complete submission to the dominant rush of total control. Slip on the collar and the cuffs while I take the lead. We’ll tease and direct each other into an ecstatic frenzy that only complete abandon can satiate.

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Extreme show and tell for adults only. Fireworks explode with freaky fetish and fixation. Strip it down to the anti-culture core of kink. Our humiliation makes us feel superhuman as you watch us perform wanton acts of lust. Sex is an art of drama created with risqué piercings and tantalizing costumes baring bits of scorching sensuality…voyeurism thrills. Watch and worship.

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Sex scorches and sears in the darkest recesses your mind can summon. Violation is a consensual exploration of the animalistic avant-garde. Strip me down to nothing and take aggressive control. Pleasure and pain reside in the same plane. Restrain, cane, chain … Force us to uncage our reckless passion in an underworld in which we create and dominate.

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Dangerous liaisons fuel the wildest passions where swinging is double entendre. Temptation taunts and teases with exquisite eroticism found in the thrills of light bondage and sexual adventure. Anything from ribbons of silk to straps of leather harness powers of suspenseful risk. Ultimate turn-ons involve endless acts of experimentation past imagined limits of sexual pleasure.

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